Anna e Vito
NEWS 2017

Range of cakes inspired by the old recipes of La Romana’s founders, to bring home and decorate together with your family.

PANAMA - 1953
CRI CRI - 1975
BISCUIT - 1984
TARTUFO - 1986

Panama - 1953:

Everyone had a role in the production of this sweet, and preparing it almost become a ritual in our family. To mix together the ingredients, one of my children added half a cup of semifreddo zabaglione, while the other completed the recipe with parfait flavoured with aniseed. Anna had the idea to add whole amerna cherries. She had always finished off our cakes, with her gentle touch, always supplying the right conclusion.


Zuccotto - 1968:

This cake comes from our Sunday family lunches, where when it came to desserts everyone wanted to proudly show off their creations. Dad always prepared this cake from a long and complex recipe that as children we could not taste, due to the inclusion of alcohol, but we still helped to create it. Our task was to wet the sponge with Alchermes liqueur and always had a lot of fun because the liqueur would stain our fingers bright red. Meanwhile, mom watched with patience and worked to prepare the ribbons to wrap up the fresh pastries.


Cri cri - 1975:

The first Cri Cri was a Fiordilatte cone in the shape of small pointed horns. I involved my children, asking them to cover the cones by dipping them in dark chocolate in a copper pot, but a tiny distraction made them fall into the glaze so that there was little chance that customers would want to eat them. "Be quiet!" I said to Anna "after everything the boys
have taken from you!"


Ricotta stregata - 1980:

It was not easy to complete this cake, and there were several attempts, with many mistakes. The ingredients were simple. I was mixing together various ice creams, and yet none of the recipes could convince me. Then Anna came to give order to my confused ideas. We tasted different types of cheese and finally the cake that I imagined was there, ready to be shared.


Biscuit - 1984:

To make Biscuit I took hours, with Anna always keeping me company. We had to cut the cake, beat eggs for eggnog, and mix the hazelnut cream with a huge wooden-handled whip. I loved her idea of adding crunchy almonds, which turned my sweets into tiny works of art.


Tartufo - 1986:

This was the absolute favourite dessert for my children. I took them to eat it in a hidden bakery sharing a moment of intimacy with my loved ones. Anna suggested I do it again with my favourite ingredients, zabaglione and chocolate, and it will always have a special place in my heart.


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