“I remember the scent of eggnog when my dad used to cook, in a copper cauldron, ingredients I did not know the name of, only their flavour.
I wanted to try, I wanted to hold that huge wooden spoon and stir for hours, which were actually only minutes but it seemed endless to me back then...
It was nice to be envied by all the children who, with their 100 Liras in their pockets, queued up for the milk cream or vanilla gelato which my father expertly prepared. I watched him, even from a distance, to memorize those gestures which in my eyes made him a master and that would allow me to do the best job in the world.
We remember the queues in the shop, our mother at the checkout and our father preparing gelato. My brother and I would help out by doing little chores that made us feel big, for us it was a game; we knew that at the end of the day we would get a gelato cone as a reward. Fascinated by the huge spatulas of flavours freshly creamed that my father proudly displayed, we waited impatiently for the queue to end, but Piazza Ferrari was always packed with people and our gelato seemed indispensable.
We now understand that these memories do not belong only to our family, but to all those who choose La Romana.”
Ivano e Massimiliano Zucchi
We are happy to relive our history with you.

And our memory brings us back to an artisan from Rimini who in 1947 turned his passion into his profession. By carefully selecting the best ingredients, every day he prepared a gelato that would make children smile and reach the heart of everyone who ate it.

Our gelato embodies tradition, research, innovation and emotion. We have inherited the profession and made it our passion, and every day we are inspired by you in order to continue to nourish, pamper and surprise you.

La Romana is an experience, an encounter, an exchange. Artisans by tradition and passion since 1947 in constant motion and development.
We consider respect for the environment to be a fundamental aspect that cannot be overlooked, which is why this year we have decided to do our best to limit, in a decisive way, the use of materials that have a detrimental impact on the environment.

To do this, we have chosen to create a new PACKAGING made mainly of FSC materials (i.e. from responsibly managed sources), recycled materials and PLA (all natural, BIODEGRADABLE and COMPOSTABLE material); thus ensuring easy disposal with consequent recycling or composting.

To identify our choices, we have created an ECOFRIENDLY brand that will follow the environmentally sustainable path we have undertaken and show the efforts we have made to continually improve.

Ecofriendly: shaping a responsible future.
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