Gelato, in a cup of tea
Gelato, in a cup of tea

Dear Readers, have you missed us?

This new collaboration from La Romana dal 1947 in partnership with Netflix and Shondaland is filling our days with pastel colours, murmuring and china.
In fact, from 1 May to 30 June our stores will become a real tea room.
Bridgerton will return for steamy, lavish season 3 in 2024. The season will be split into two 4-episode parts, with Part 1 premiering on May 16, 2024, followed by Part 2 on June 13, 2024 on Netflix.
The exaltation of sentiments will be our mission: after all, gelato is the perfect companion when watching our favourite characters, because it can envelop us in a tender embrace but also set us on fire when the plot gets more twisted.

Take a seat in the drawing room, or in one of the many La Romana dal 1947 gelateria stores all over Europe that will undergo a make-over to pay homage to Bridgerton and its resplendent tearooms: it will be a cup of gelato rather than a cup of tea but then again, rules are made to be broken…

​Gelateria La Romana Padova, Corso Milano 83 
​Gelateria La Romana Padova, Via Manzoni 86
​Gelateria La Romana Rimini, Piazza Luigi Ferrari 5
​Gelateria La Romana Rimini, Via Marecchiese 67
​Gelateria La Romana Rimini, Viale Rimembranze 67
​Gelateria La Romana Verona, Piazza Santo Spirito 9
​Gelateria La Romana Verona, Via IV Novembre 13
​Gelateria La Romana Turin, Corso Sebastopoli 190
​Gelateria La Romana Turin, Corso Inghilterra 31/A
​Gelateria La Romana Turin, Via Santa Teresa 6
​Gelateria La Romana Rome, Via XX Settembre 60
​Gelateria La Romana Rome, Via Cola di Rienzo 2
​Gelateria La Romana Rome, Piazza Sant'Andrea della Valle 1
​Gelateria La Romana Milan, Viale Col di Lana 2
​Gelateria La Romana Milan, Viale Pasubio 3

​Gelateria La Romana Madrid, Paseo de la Habana 27
​Gelateria La Romana Madrid, Calle San Bernardo 96
​Gelateria La Romana Madrid, Calle Rosario Pino 6
​Gelateria La Romana Madrid, Calle de Diego de León 11
​Gelateria La Romana Madrid, Calle de Arturo Soria 126
​Gelateria La Romana Madrid, Avenida de Valdemarín 167
​Gelateria La Romana Madrid, Paseo de la Castellana 148
​Gelateria La Romana Madrid, Via Augusto Figueroa

​Gelateria La Romana Bucharest, AFI Mall Cotroceni, Bulverdul general Vasile Milea 4
​Gelateria La Romana Bucharest, Baneasa Shopping City
​Gelateria La Romana Bucharest, Calea Victoriei 103-105
​Gelateria La Romana Bucharest, 4th Liviu Rebreanu Street (Parklake Mall)
​Gelateria La Romana Bucharest, Strada Lipscani 72

​Gelateria La Romana Paris, 14 Bd Saint-Michel

​Gelateria La Romana Vienna, Stiftgasse 15-17

​Gelateria La Romana Lisbon, Rua de São Nicolau 44, ângulo Rua dos Correiros

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