Filled panettone
Filled panettone
Christmas is a season of joy, sharing and, of course, delicious traditional desserts. Filled panettone is the perfect answer for those seeking a unique culinary experience during the holidays.
This year we have decided to make it even better: glazed and filled with your favourite spreads!
  1. Caramello e cioccolato: filled with caramel cream and glazed with gianduia cream and hazelnut crumbs
  2. Cioccolato bianco e nocciola: filled with white chocolate hazelnut cream and glazed with white chocolate and hazelnut crumbs
  3. Cioccolato Ruby: filled with gianduia chocolate and glazed with ruby chocolate and praline crumbs
  4. Doppio caramello: filled with milk caramel and glazed with caramel and praline peanuts
  5. Nocciola e caffè: filled with coffee chocolate and glazed with milk chocolate and hazelnut crumbs
  6. Pralinato: filled with biscotto della nonna cream and glazed with biscotto della nonna spread
  7. Mediterraneo: filled with white chocolate hazelnut cream and glazed with pistachio cream and whole pistachios
  8. Doppio pistacchio: filled with pistachio cream and glazed with crunchy pistachio cream 
Filled panettone is much more than a Christmas dessert; it is the expression of a tradition that is renewed year after year, the art of producing confectionery that celebrates the beauty and goodness of the festivities.
Allow these masterpieces to delight your palate and add a touch of magic to your Christmas. Enjoy!
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