Dive into the new exclusive flavours for Scoops Ahoy!
Dive into the new exclusive flavours for Scoops Ahoy!

Come and visit us in one of the 10 gelaterie to discover the other side of gelato, where the fantastic and the delicious meet.

Every spoonful is a journey into the Upside Down of taste.

📍Roma, Via XX Settembre

📍Roma, Piazza Sant’Andrea della Valle

📍Rimini, Piazza Ferrari

📍Verona, Via IV Novembre

📍Padova, Via Manzoni

📍Torino, Corso Inghilterra

📍Torino, Corso Sebastopoli

📍Torino, Via Santa Teresa

📍Torino, Corso Sebastopoli

The Hawkins Special

From the alternate dimension of Hawkins, Indiana, comes a new flavour experience that brings mystery and thrill straight to your palate.

Salted Caramel Pop Corn Topped Gelato: a delicious proposal with salted caramel and crunchy popcorn.

The Strawberry Rift

Not just a gelato flavour, but also a presentation inspired by the retro look of the 80s; it will be a unique experience for fans of the series and for all those who love high-quality gelato.

Cheesecake gelato with strawberry sauce: an inspiration that delights the palate, an immersion into the mysteries of the upside down!


Veer towards the new adventurous flavours of our Milkshakes!

On the horizon is a world of sweetness and adventure, inspired by the famous Scoops Ahoy gelateria in Hawkins, Indiana!

Enter our venue and prepare to sail the seas of flavour with our milkshakes inspired by this iconic place.

We are here to take you on a unique gustatory journey, just as if you were aboard the Scoops Ahoy ship with Steve and Robin!

Make your taste buds vibrate with our new flavour proposals at the gelateria:

The Hawkins Special and The Strawberry Rift Milkshake

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