The pink chocolate that does good is back in our gelateria store!
The pink chocolate that does good is back in our gelateria store!
Once again this year, La Romana is supporting LILT in the fight against cancer
October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and once again this year La Romana is proud to be collaborating with LILT – Italian League for the Fight Against Cancer (Milan, Monza and Brianza section) and is supporting its mission with a donation.
Each of the La Romana gelateria stores will be adorned in pink for the occasion. Not only will the layout of the stores turn pink with their packaging and dedicated stickers, but the tasty gelato and pastry specialities will also be changing colour.
In fact, we will use a special ingredient in our recipes: Ruby chocolate, pink chocolate with ruby shades and a slightly fruity flavour, to create:
  • 4 Chocolates, four different irresistible chocolates to be enjoyed together in a single cake. Also available in the single-portion Dolce vasetto della storia.
  • The recipes to serve in a mug: Cioccolato Ruby al caramello croccante. An even bigger pink cup with new customisation, in which to enjoy the semifreddo in the flavour of Cioccolato Ruby al caramello croccante, to be enjoyed comfortably on your own sofa or in our gelateria stores.
  • Cioccolato Ruby al caramello croccante, delicious pink chocolate with caramel variegation and crunchy toppings, back by popular demand.
  • Cioccolato Ruby from the fountain, to be added to your cone or enjoyed at home
  • Crêpe/Waffle of the month. Cocoa dough crêpe or waffle, with Ruby melted chocolate and fresh raspberries.
Once again this year, pink chocolate continues to do good.

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