A letter for each ramekin
A letter for each ramekin
The new colourful ceramic Crumbles ramekins, 2019 Limited Edition
A new ceramic Crumbles ramekin collection is about to hit those gelateria stores that have a pastry service! We love to surprise you, so this year we decided to create a limited edition of colourful ramekins for collection, in intense shades of yellow, red, pink, blue and grey.
Every ramekin is handmade and marked with a different letter. You will have great fun creating your own personal alphabet or choosing the letters that make up your name. Also, the ramekins could be made into a sweet little gift for a special person. 
The new Crumbles ramekins will be available in La Romana gelateria stores until stocks run out, so get a move on and start collecting them all!
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