Le Infusioni: inspired by our gelato flavours
Le Infusioni: inspired by our gelato flavours
A sip of warm flavour
 What better way to beat the winter chill, to warm your body and soul than with a steaming cup of herbal tea or energy boosting infusion? Besides, sipping a cup of tea while flipping through the pages of a favourite book can keep away stress and those bothersome colds that are always just around the corner.

La Romana presents its new line Le Infusioni, tisanes, teas and herbal teas, inspired by some of our gelato flavours:
- Liquirizia, menta e sale rosa: aroma and freshness are the outstanding characteristics of this digestive herbal tea;
- Pera profumata allo zenzero: fusion of fruits blended together to form a delicate yet spicy flavour. Pear and ginger are a real panacea that will restore your body’s energy and vitality.
- Mirtillo nero, sambuco e limone: the health-promoting ingredients in this sweet, fruity, slightly tart infusion makes it a precious ally for our wellbeing.     
- Cioccolato fondente: black tea and cocoa beans, food of the gods, create a blend that no-one can resist.
Le Infusioni can be enjoyed in-store, a pleasant way to spend an afternoon with friends, or at home if you buy our sampler kit containing 8 bags, two of each flavour.
This new specialty will be available in La Romana gelateria stores from this coming October. We look forward to seeing you!
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