Bee, friend of Crumbles
Bee, friend of Crumbles
The 2018 limited edition starts in May
A small bee buzzes around Crumbles hand-made ceramic pots. It is the 2018 limited edition that will be present in La Romana gelateria stores with cake service from May.
Three ceramic pots, one different from the other, tell the story of this amusing yellow and black insect designed on each pot, in three different moments. After a long journey, the bee finally finds the most scented flower in the garden and, after collecting the delicious nectar, is ready to fly to the beehive to bring home the precious loot. Without its help, we would have never been able to bake our delicious Crumbles with honey shortcrust pastry. The 2018 limited edition pays homage to this insect, so small and yet so important.
Collect the three new Crumbles ceramic pots to complete the story and discover the six available combinations HERE.


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