Anna and Vito, the story continues
Anna and Vito, the story continues
Line if desserts inspired by the founders of La Romana. The recipes of the past to take home and decorate together.
Anna and Vito were once a couple like any other. Anna took care of the family and her husband Vito supported the family and made all the big decisions. The couple watched their children grow, as Vito began to grow the very first ice cream parlour in La Romana.

Vito worked in the ice cream shop in Rimini every day. During the early days, he spent all of his time creating new recipes and thinking big. Had it not been for Anna, however, he wouldn’t have been able to create all of his fantastic recipes, as she was the person who helped him complete his recipes; she was the icing on the cake. Together, Anna and Vito gave the impression there was nothing they couldn’t achieve together.

The Anna and Vito sweet line is dedicated to this extraordinary couple, celebrating 70 years of creation.

This sweet line is inspired by the ice cream shop, and how Vito and his family relied on Anna to take charge. Each recipe has a fundamental characteristic: it is incomplete. In the same way Anna used to finish off every sweet, you must do the same — taking them home to decorate with your loved ones.

Because everyone, after all, has the creativity of Vito and Anna’s love.


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