Contest Anna e Vito

FROM SATURDAY 1 APRIL TO THURSDAY 21 SEPTEMBER, on Gelateria La Romana Facebook page you can take part in the new contest called Anna e Vito.
Every month we are presenting a new cake of the line Anna e Vito. Take a picture of the cake and upload your photo to the contest section; the most voted by Facebook users wins a prepaid La Romana card, to spend at one of our stores that you choose. The picture receiving the higher number of votes throughout the duration of the contest will be awarded a trip to New York for 2 people.

This text has been translated into English as a courtesy and may be inaccurate in some parts. Only the Italian version is legally binding:

Pursuant to art. 6, co. 1 letter. a) Presidential Decree 430/2001


LA ROMANA S.R.L. (herein and for brevity the "Promoter") - with its registered office at Viale Regina Margherita 86, 47924, Rimini, C.F./P.I. IT 02644460400 [headquarters in via Marecchiese 314, corner of Via Montese 2, 47922, Rimini, phone: 0541 384 520, Fax: 0541 393 658, e-mail address:] - promotes a contest aimed at older people , referred to as "ANNA E VITO" (herein and for brevity the "Competition").


The total duration of the contest will be from 1 April 2017 to 21 September 2017 (inclusive).


Adults who are members of Facebook. Please note that this competition is in no way sponsored, and / or administered by Facebook nor is it attached to it, so no responsibility towards participants in the competition can possibly be ascribed to Facebook.


Participation in the competition will take place through a specially created page created by the Promoter, and accessible through the "Anna and Vito" section within the main "Gelateria La Romana" pages on Facebook.

On the first day of each month, for six consecutive months from April 2017 to September 2017, the Promoter will publish on their Global Facebook Page the image and the name of the ice cream cake that will be the subject of the photographs that participants in the Competition will take over the next 20 days (herein and for brevity "the Ice Cream Cake of the Month").

To participate in the Competition, the user (herein and for brevity the "Participant") must, from the 1st to the 21st day of each month over the duration of the Competition under art.2, access the section entitled "Anna and Vito" and provide the personal data requested by the registration form.

Then, again from the 1st to the 21st day of each month, the Participant will be required to upload a photograph, taken by the Participant, which has as its main subject the Ice Cream Cake of the Month.

The aim will be to provide a photograph with an artistic character that has been inspired by the Ice Cream Cake of the Month. Using their skills and abilities, the participant will have to take a photograph in which the Ice Cream Cake of the Month must be portrayed (as the main subject). The cake can be displayed within a wider context, and this can be freely chosen by the participant according to their artistic feeling, so as to create an image having artistic and emotional power that expresses the subject in a suitable context.

Participants may use one or more photographs of which they possess authorship and ownership, and they must have authorisation to publish from third parties if they personally portrayed in the photographs; the photographs used by the Participant must be unpublished before submission, and the main subject will necessarily be the Ice Cream Cake of the Month.

Each Participant is responsible for the content of their work and agrees that they enjoy full rights to use the content of the photographs used during participation in this Contest, and that they have obtained the necessary clearances, pledging to do so as of now to indemnify the Promoter from any actions and / or claims exerted by third parties and to indemnify the Promoter for any prejudicial consequences that they may suffer as a result of the above violations following the publication of the photographs.

All photographs must be in a format and size compatible with the specifications expressly indicated in the section dedicated to this Competition on the Global Facebook Page. Photographs taken with mobile phone, smartphone, tablet, digital camera, analog camera are eligible to participate in this Contest.

Artistic photographs taken by the Participants will be published in the Gallery pages within the section dedicated to the Competition, after verification and eventual elimination of any submissions featuring promotional content and / or content that is defamatory and / or inappropriate and / or vulgar or offensive, as well any photographs do not feature the Ice Cream Cake of the Month, have previously been published, or do not possess the consent of third parties who have been informed about the paragraphs above. The right of the Promoter to exclude Participants will be their exclusive prerogative, and cannot be appealed.

Participants will be notified of the acceptance and publication of their artistic work by means of an automatic e-mail communication.

Participation in the competition is free, except for the normal cost of an Internet connection. Any payments necessary to participate in the contest remains the responsibility of Participants and depends on the tariff plans of the network operator of the participant.

The Promoter assumes no responsibility for any access problems, impediments, malfunctions or difficulties concerning technical instruments, computers, telephone lines, transmissions and connections that may prevent a competitor from taking part in the competition.

The personal data of each Participant will only be used by the Promoter for participation in the Contest and when awarding the prize will not be disclosed to third parties.

In the performance period of the competition - from the 1st to the 21st day of each month, between April and September 2017 - all of the artistic photographs taken by the Participants will be published in the Gallery of the competition on the Global Page of "Gelateria La Romana" on Facebook. This will follow verification and approval at the discretion of Promoter, and winning photographs will be voted by Facebook users who visit the "Contests" section.

For each month during the contest, voting for the submitted photographs can only take place from the 1st to the 21st day of the month in question, so that during this period, Facebook users will have access to the dedicated section and vote only photographs relating to the Ice Cream Cake of the Month, and not those received in previous months.

To cast their vote, site visitors will be required to click on a "heart" next to their chosen photograph.

Every Facebook user will be able to submit a single (1) vote for each artwork.

The Participant whose artistic image, at the end of the 21st day of the month in question, obtains the highest number of votes and "hearts" from Facebook users, will win the prize for that month (as per Art. 5).

All of the verification operations of the votes allocated and the identification of the winner of each month will be carried out from the 22th to the 30th day of the month in question. In the case of a tie, the result will be at the discretion of the Promoter, who will determine the winner according to their opinions about the quality of the artistic work.

As of September 22, 2017 the Promoter will select the Participant, including the winners of each month, whose artistic photography has obtained the most votes. This Participant will then be awarded the main prize (as per Art. 6).

By registering and participating in the Contest each Participant acknowledges that the Promoter will become full owner of the winning artistic photographs, and waives the right to any possible uses of the same, even partially or combined with other works and / or images kept by the Participant, retaining only the right to be recognised as the author of the winning images.

For this purpose it should be noted that the award recognises the artistic work to be considered constitutes the primary value of this competition, and ownership of this value will be definitively transferred to the promoter, while recognising the Participant as the creator of the winning images.

Art. 5: PRIZES

For each month during the term of this Competition under art.2, the Promoter will be giving away a prize.

Each Prize prize consists of a prepaid card of a value of EUR 100.00 for the purchase of products created and marketed by the Promoter, to be used only in the "La Romana" store chosen by the winner, who must notify the Promoter when they have chosen their point of sale, in order to activate the card.

The winner will have nothing to expect from the Promoter if the same winner, for any reason - provided it is not the fault of the Promoter - does not benefit from the award of the prize. The award will be considered formally complete, in fact, once the card containing the amount of credit in question has been delivered to the winner.

The winner will then need to contact the Promoter to determine in which store they will use the card. The Card can be used only in the store in which it is activated, so the Promoter will need to know in advance at which location the customer intends to take advantage of the award.

There will be a total of 6 prizes, or 1 (one) for each month of duration of the contest, in addition to the final Superpremio referred to in the next section (Art.6).

No Participant can be awarded more than one prize; in the case of victory of a Participant who has already won an award in the previous months, the Prize will be awarded to the participant who proves to have ranked second by number of votes received.

Art. 6: The Superpremio (Overall Prize)

When all of the monthly Prizes have been allocated, as of September 22, 2017 the Sponsor will select the Participant that, among all the winners during the 6-month duration of the competition, has obtained the highest number of votes with their artistic photography. In addition to the already attributed Prize, this Participant will then also win the final Superpremio.

The final Superpremio consists of a stay in New York for two people, for a period of six (6) days and five (5) nights.

The prize includes:

- Flights for two people to New York from an airport chosen by the Promoter in agreement with the winner;

- Accommodation for 5 nights for two people in hotels chosen by the Promoter in agreement with the winner.

The Superpremio will be available to redeem until 12/31/18.

The terms of the holiday will be agreed directly with the Promoter or with a third party agreed by the Promoter; no changes will be allowed once a booking confirmation has been received.

The winner will have no rights to expect anything from the promoter if the same winner, for any reason - provided it is not the fault of the Promoter - once the booking is confirmed, cannot subsequently make use of the stay they have booked. In fact, the Superpremio will be considered formally awarded once the booking confirmation has been received.

The total value of the final Superpremio will not exceed EUR 4,500.00 (four thousand five-hundred Euros). Following the award of the final Superpremio the winning photographs will be available for use by the Promoter for any purpose, whether for commercial or promotional purposes. At the same time, the Participant will retain the sole right to be recognised as the author of the aforementioned artistic photographic work.

Art. 7: Jackpot

The value of the total prize pool (ie 6 monthly + 1 Superpremio Award) will therefore not be higher than EUR 5,100.00 (five thousand one-hundred Euros).


The Promoter undertakes to inform each winner within seven (7) business days after the end of each monthly period during the contest. Contact will be made via e-mail, to the address provided by the Participant when filling in the the registration form (as set out in Art. 4). The Promoter will also provide information regarding the procedure for the collection of the prize.

Within the same timeframe, the name of each winner of the competition will be published on the various "Gelateria La Romana" Facebook brand pages.

Similarly, the Promoter will inform the winner of the final Superpremio within 7 (seven) working days from the conclusion of the overall period of the competition. Contact will be made via e-mail to the address provided by the Participant at the time they completed out the registration form referred to in the previous article (Art. 4), and instructions will be provided for the collection of the final Superpremio.

Within the same timeframe, the name of each winner of the competition will be published on each of the "Gelateria La Romana" Facebook brand pages. By participating in the Competition, Participants expressly authorises the publication of their names.


Participation in the competition implies the total and unconditional acceptance of all the clauses contained in this document.

Art. 10: Personal Data Processing

In compliance with legislation on privacy, the holder of personal data will be LA ROMANA S.R.L. with a registered office at Viale Regina Margherita 86, 47924, Rimini, who may use the data for commercial, promotional and marketing purposes, on this specific promotional initiative, in full compliance with the regulations referred to in Legislative Decree 196/03 regarding the use of personal information.

Art. 11: Applicable Law

This Contest is subject to Italian Law and each Participant who registers to enter the Competition recognises and accepts the Italian Judicial Authority's jurisdiction, as well as the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of Rimini in order to settle any disputes arising from participation in this contest.
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